Belan the Noble Looter!
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News and updates:

- 7/31/2001: Belan's farewell has been posted.

- 5/10/2001: Belan's on ebay! Go check out the auction here and peruse the full inventory list here. Added 'Death by lich!'. Added 'Blasted looters'.

- 4/26/2001: Yet ANOTHER host. Isn't running a website fun? :) The site is now hosted on one of clanpages' silver accounts. Hopefully, things will be stable for a while, or at least long enough to get some updating done. Added 'If the loot won't come to Belan, bring Belan to the loot..'. Added 'Role reversal'

. - 4/12/2001: The previous host removed the site for an unknown reason so it is now located on yet another new host and should be accessible once again. Sorry for the downtime. As a reminder, linking to the images directly is not allowed (as sayeth the javascript on each page). If you want to use an image elsewhere, please copy it to your own server first and remember to give credit to Belan for the image.

- 4/10/2001: The old host seems to be having some serious issues right now, so I've moved the site to tripod temporarily (maybe permanently?). Tell me if you run into broken links - this was an emergency move and I haven't had time to check everything. There's now a mailinglist for notifications when the site updates, you can add yourself by using the mailinglist link at the top of the page. I've also put up two older episodes that I never got around to posting: Added 'Explaining thievery'. Added 'Old school newbie runners'.

- 3/31/2001 (evening): Added 'Quality support'.

- 3/31/2001: Added 'Keg confusion!'. Added 'Belan runs an event!'. 'Beware the shadow guards..' Correction in 'Elipso, the human IDOC!' episode - Crazy Joe called in Belan, but did not originally find Elipso; Crazy Joe was called in by Sil.

- 3/27/2001: Added 'Elipso, the human IDOC!'. Added 'Roleplaying'.

- 2/4/2001: Added 'Strength in numbers.'

- 1/31/2001: We're back.. again! Many thanks to the new provider for providing web space!
NEW RULE: Please don't link to the images in the site directly! It generates way too much bandwidth and is the cause for the last few closings of the site. If you want to use an image on this site in your post on stratics for example, copy it to your own server (or geocities, etc.) and link from there, just be sure to note where the pic came from, eg, "Pic from Belan". That's all I require for use of content here.
Added 'All I really wanted was pants..'

- 12/29/2000: Added 'Catch of the day!'. Added a banner for Belan's host's services.

- 12/28/2000: Mega update! Added 'Christmas special: Jesus died for thee!'. Added 'Death by rats!'. Added 'Belan gets looted!'. Added 'Killer of Killers'. Added 'Humor: Aventures in decorating: Floating items!'. Added 'Taming the ferocious Brandon.'. Added 'Is the shard down?'. Added 'GM Tailors'. Added 'The need for policy.'.

- 12/22/2000: Yet another site move! This time to a host which will hopefully be more permanent. Many thanks to trinity and Turacan for providing a home for it!

- 12/14/2000: The site is back up once again. Apparently when Ultima Online went down a few days ago for 12 hours due to the ice storms in Texas, everyone decided to go visit Belan and CrazyJoe and stratics as well. Since we link a lot of images to stratics, we created quite a load on their servers, 10% of the total traffic with 52,000 hits in a 12 hour period to be exact. :) They had shut the site down to reduce the load. We're back up again now with some minor adjustments to try and keep the load down permanently. Sorry for the outage!

- 12/8/2000: Added 'The tale of the helpful lootees.'. Added 'Boredom: Belan goes fishing!'

- 12/2/2000: Added 'Slow learners.'

- 11/24/2000: Removed 'Noble Belan.' - no longer relevant. Added 'Jeff, the unsatisfied customer.'. Added 'Belan, the noble looter!'
Sorry about the lack of updates, real life has been quite a burden lately and I ran out of space on geocities to boot! CrazyJoe was kind enough to provide space for the site, go see his L.B.S.C. page, full of great looting adventures! Additionally, this site should now be addressed by its URL,, instead of the old geocities one. Belan's email address has changed to as well.

- 10/31/2000: Added 'Belan the Christian.'

- 10/9/2000: It seems I have a bit of an impersonation problem. I now display my guild title at all times. You know you are talking to the real Belan if the guild title is 'BoV'.

- 10/8/2000: Added 'Pirates, ahoy!'

- 10/2/2000: Added 'The fictitious adventure of BelGalad.'

- 9/29/2000: Added 'Drakora Anderson and her imaginary friend.'.

- 9/27/2000: Fixed error in the staff loot episode; changed speaker from Saucy Wench to screwtape.

- 9/26/2000: Added 'A quest? A quest for loot!'.

- 9/22/2000: Added 'Belan's head is for sale!'. Added 'Living the evil desires of a tamer'. Added 'Belan has bad manners.'. Added 'Bards: Lethal PvP death-machines.'.

- 9/21/2000: Looting bones is possible in Trammel again if you hadn't noticed already, seems that the publish that reverted all the bugfixes over the past year also reverted the loot prevention, horray!

- 9/8/2000: Added 'Hypocrisy from a criminal'. Added 'Belan finally loots her old nemesis!'. Added 'At least it's most of your horse though..'.

- 9/1/2000: Added 'Cowardice and Bravery'. Added 'Newbiemon Snap #2'.

- 8/28/2000: Added 'Extortion for pants'. Added 'Going red for Belan, how sweet!'. Added 'Walrus gambling'.