Humor: Adventures in decorating: Floating items!
Belan was busy decorating her tower for the holidays..

But the blasted tables kept overlapping over the loot she was trying to place!

Knowing such a complicated problem would confound all but the Gods themselves, Belan sought out a spiritualist for consultation.

Unfortunately, the answer received was only slightly better than "I cannot help thee".

Back at home, Belan experiments with ways of fufilling the medium's cryptic suggestion.

Failing with the eagle, Belan tries another experienced in flying and all things air.

Perhaps a different approach is warranted.

A water barrel properly placed might provide the needed buoyancy..

Not only did it not work as intended, the barrel could not be removed!

Discouraged, Belan walked around brit thinking for a while when she happened on her friend FactionsJim who was just coming out of the healers once again.

Belan quickly headed back to her tower to try FactionsJim's suggestion.

Success! The epic adventure comes to a close with the proper placement of the fruit basket. Horray!

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