Evil Galad noted that someone was using a combination of our names, 'BelGalad', on the UO boards. It got Belan thinking, what would a hybrid be like? Let's find out!

The fictitious adventure of BelGalad!

BelGalad is poking around the Felucca Deceit fire elemental room when she sees Rowan fighting one of the beasts.

The loot hits the floor, and BelGalad can't resist!

BelGalad takes off running across the bridge with Rowan in close persuit. Look who's persuing Rowan though.. :>

Something in your way, Rowan?

BelGalad quickly loots half of the loot.

..and resurrects Rowan.

Just as BelGalad is talking, the corpse goes bones and she loots the other half!

BelGalad gates to Buc's Den bank and a deal is made for the loot.

Oops, BelGalad seems to have switched his magic weapons for normal ones!

I hope that's not BelGalad's lethal poison trapped box..

BelGalad resurrects Rowan and lets him loot his corpse. He seems pretty fed up with BelGalad and wants a gate away from her to brit.

Seems he figures he's spent enough today..

Maybe BelGalad's alterego can help?

Hmm, this looks more like three tile isle to me.. BelGalad changes back into her BelGalad outfit and closes the gate. Maybe Rowan will be willing to pay for that gate now?

Thanks go to Rowan of Napa Valley for playing the part of BelGalad's victim. :)