Blasted looters
Belan's treasure hunter Rosten was having a pretty standard lockpicking day. Someone by the name of Quan Chi had just stolen the loot from Rosten's chest.. so Rosten politely checks if he'd like to steal from another..

D'oh, you forgot to remove trap on that one Rosten! :)

Another lesson taught; don't mess with lockpickers. :>

A bit later, Chelsea showed up. Her guildtitle showed she was a looter. Having already had a run-in with a looter that day, Rosten decides to bug Chelsea about her occupation for a giggle.

Chelsea's answer sounds quite like something Belan would say; I believe we have a reader!

Nice answer. :)

Surely looters have feelings in there somewhere..

How can they be kind when they are already dead? I do not understand..

So if she loots pepole she didn't see die, but she is nice to those who are nice before they die.. err..

Bah, apparently looters are too busy griefing to worry about logic. All looters are griefers I tell you! Blast them all..

A short while later, Chelsea decided to try Quan Chi's routine of looting Rosten's chests. Just like with Quan Chi, Rosten forgets to remove the trap on one of them and Chelsea gets a warm reception from the chest!

'Twas not enough to finish her, but the shock of the explosion sent her running right into one of Belan's friends who was happy to introduce her to the ground. :)

Rosten logs out and returns as Belan to loot. Unfortunately, Chelsea had already returned. Apparently Chelsea was indeed a reader. :) A reader that did not know Rosten was one of Belan's; this could be fun! Belan pretends to have heard someone in town yelling of a death on ogre lord island and come to investigate..

Seeing as there was nothing to loot, there is little chance of that eh?

Oh dear, Chelsea seems to by dying to get on the site, literally!

Belan switches back to Rosten in time to see Chelsea return, quite naked and ready to suicide. :)

Rosten of course, is sitll on his anti-looter kick. ;)

For shame! :>

Rosten is still amused at Chelsea's death. :)

This 'Belan' person seems awfully important to Chelsea, I wonder who she is?

A looter eh? Must be another griefer..

Rosten is still not impressed with looters.

Hmm, maybe I should read that site sometime. :)

Rosten asks her if Belan just 'steals stuf'..

..and gets the exact Belan answer! Huzzah! Bonus points for Chelsea! :)

Rosten prods further..

A fine response!

Apparently I just don't understand. I'll have to go read that site she mentioned. :)

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