All I really wanted was pants..
Belan's treasure hunter in training, Rosten, had been trying to pick a chest for gains when Lilithe (pictured on the green ostard) recalled in and proceeded to pick the chest Rosten was working on and telekinesis it open. Grr. No longer capable of gaining off that chest, Rosten decides to make the best of the situation by borrowing the loot to buy a new set of pants with.

Lilithe was clearly not amused at being looted on her looting attempt. :>

Lilithe is quick on the exploit threats. Knowing full well that he's in the clear, Rosten plays along.

One would have to wonder if lockpicking the chest someone else was working on in Trammel would also be 'a bannable exploit' by Lilithe's standards. I would assume only if it's Lilithe's chest. :)

Rosten awaits a link to said information.

Lilithe switches tactics to the 'nice' approach. Maybe it's just me, but the nice approach probably works best before you've threatened someone with a GM call. :)

Lilithe pretends to place a call..

Lilithe has been playing a different game than the rest of us apparently. ;)

Poor Rosten, he's not only a bannable exploit user, he's a newbie as well now!

Seeing no veterans around, Rosten wonders what Lilithe means..

Rather unexpectedly, Lilithe starts to converse with an imaginary GM! Maybe she has paged matt, the imaginary GM?

Lilithe seems to have reached a conclusion.. with herself. After thanking matt the imaginary GM, she recalls without further word to Rosten. I hope matt goes easy on Rosten, 'twould be awful to have an imaginary suspention!

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