Belan is poking around Felucca marking all the collapsing houses when she sees Deets trying to clear the banned spawn from his house with a poison field. Of course, a poison field attracts looters faster than newbies attract scammers..

You should really have "I ban thee" macroed..

Might as well advertize. ;)

Deets logs before Belan can res and logs in his other char, Kid Rock. Belan runs from the house so she can't be banned, and Kid Rock has something to say..

Ah, the mighty Kid Rock, cowering in his doorway calling his aggressor a coward, true screenshot material!

Apparently Deets was an alchymule.. He had 8068 gold, a full Reg Shop runebook, and a nicely organized set of regs. How kind of him to organize his regs for Belan!

Now, as for bravery..

Belan continued along and soon ran into Richard fighting a corpser.

Belan isn't in Felucca with a white wyrm just to admire the view, so she checks if Richard is worth taking a murder count for. People are so quick to brag, they will usually tell you if they are worth looting!

Just then, a red named Martyr runs by. Belan amuses herself by giving him a bit of a scare by letting her wyrm chew on him a bit..

He stood fast in the face of death, bravo sir!