A day in the life of an IDOC Just when Belan thought it was safe to actually have some fun, a collapsing house shows up and screams "LOOT ME".

Not bad, a Furniture Dye Tub.. but take a look at the awesome loot in the corner! Surely fights will ensue over looting rights to that puppy..

So far there hadn't seemed to be any other looters around, but what's this? Pofhug seems to have noticed the IDOC and is coming to have a look at the loot..

Damn, he saw it! Pofhug wastes no time in declaring his intentions to loot the trash barrel. This is going to be a tough loot... "Dis be Pofhug's trashcan hummie!! Hands off!"

Getting the trash barrel now is going to take dedication, but the house seems to be a death magnet! Knowing Belan has trouble resisting a loot Pofhug organizes his team to kill many a newbie running by.

Pofhug realizes Belan is resisting the urge to loot, so goes back to collecting shiny things while waiting for the house to collapse. Meanwhile, a new band of looters show up. It seems someone has tipped off the cattle that loot is to be had! Belan decides to give them another tip..

The ringleader shows up, and gets more of the same..

The cows page a GM and complain. Being Trammel, the GM responds to all their whining and takes some time out from planting more of those flowers that rubberband you and contacts Marissa the Shepherd. "Hey Belan, leave my cows alone or I'll be putting YOU out to pasture!"

Belan agrees to stop pestering the cows and time passes.. slowly. Of course, no IDOC is complete without a bunch of reds showing up. "h3y d00dz, dis h0use g0tz a furny tub!!" "Wh0 car3z d00d, l00k at dat trash barr3l!! w00t!!!". Luckily, there is no one to PK so the reds get bored and head to Minoc to gank unarmed miners.

Pofhug returns to check on the trash barrel..

Looks like Pofhug is going to have some competition.. A fierce trash barrel looter shows up by the name of Zaknafein! "Surrender thy intentions on the trash barrel Pofhug, or I shall smash thee with mine axe of orcsmashing! Ebay will bring me a hefty sum for this barrel so I have no intent on letting thee have it without a fight!"

Pofhug refuses the request and a fight ensues to see who shall claim the glorious bounty!

Zaknafein emerges victorious but is soon chased off by an angry mongbat.. Some time passes and someone by the name of Johnathan runs by. Belan thinks nothing of it, having seen at least 4 people die by the hands of mongbats and orcs now, but take a look at the bottom left hand corner for what's chasing him. ;)


Johnathan gets a res and brings his mate Jonnigan but are quickly attacked and killed by something new..

And again..

And again..

Johnathan and his mate Jonnigan get attacked and die by just about everything around the house except the cows I think.. More time passes and Belan becomes really bored. Feeling like a piece of furniture from sitting in the house so long, she tries dying herself..


Belan clears up the spot within seconds so passers-by won't notice a house fell so she has time to sell the plot, but the barrel emptying trick seems to have been fixed! The blasted things refuse to empty..

Since Belan doesn't have a second account to place on and doesn't trust the game to not screw up her real house when holding two, she needs to sell it fast before someone walks by, sees the barrels, and tries to place there. Believe it or not, Belan finds a buyer for the plot of land within minutes at the bank that doesn't mind paying Belan in advance before ever having seen the spot or even knowing where it is!

We arrive at the spot just in time, a wandering healer had seen the barrels and was trying to place!

Herger places, getting an incredible deal on such a house. I assume that with the level of trust he gave a complete stranger, this purchase will balance out the countless times in the past he has been scammed. ;)

Eesh, this was a busy house. I saw at least 10 deaths while I was there, one of which was caused by a rabid nightmare. :) There was a constant flow of people running around the house too.. Just for fun, here's a list of all the people that ran by while I was there that should now kick themselves for not noticing it was IDOC:

Ronin Alexander
Grayson Death
Talena Fallon
John Levyathon
Eric Draven
Matt II
THorn Wiz

So what happened to the much desired trash barrel you say?