Belan recalled to ice island to start her taming power hour. Right infront of her as she recalled in, orcs introduced donald to the ground.

Between lag and loot, Belan will never GM taming!

The ghost seems happy to stick with Belan and chat in ghost language, maybe he should be reminded Belan is here to loot?

Nothing much to do while waiting for bones.. Belan engages the ghost in idle chatter.

Belan thinks of something to do to pass the time.

And to make it more interesting..

The walruses (walrii?) are evenly matched..

Right then, APRIL shows up. In fact, just in time to watch the corpse go bones and to see Belan loot!

Belan resurrects the ghost..

Donald asks for his things.. The walrus fight is still on, but the tide is turning, his walrus has just started to flee!

Did you notice APRIL casting flamestrike in the last pic? :)

Donald and APRIL seem a bit stunned, so Belan wishes them luck and rides off. When almost out of range, at the top of her screen Belan catches APRIL's response:

Not much loot, but at least a lot of regs..

Do not try to cheat the house next time! :)