Belan runs an event!
Belan had always wanted to do something eventish, and the 'Elipso, human IDOC!' episode had given her ideas..

She decided to make a similar event.. The plan being to create a chest so heavy that no one could move even a single step with it and no one could bank it. It would be made colorful and obvious as to attract attention and dropped at someplace very public like west brit bank. By wrapping it in locked and trapped chests, it would be impossible to loot it while surrounded by other would-be looters, so it would be quite a contest to see who could get it to safety and loot it. :> Of course, it is only fun if no one knows it is an event. :>

The chest was created: 22 levels deep of GM tinkered explosion chests, all dyed purple. At the heart was 2,200 kindling accounting for 11,000 stones of weight and enough gold coins to push the item count to 125. Mua haha. :>

Also at the center: a descriptive book. :>

Guessing that the stir caused should be fun to watch, Belan calls in spectators to enjoy it. :)

Belan gates the chest to brit and quickly hides in the crowd so no one will suspect it was left by her..

As expected, in seconds there are people racing towards the chest..

Ophel doubts the chest is simply innocent loot. Telekinesis might be more useful on an unlocked chest though..

As Belan had hoped, the repeated attempts of the would-be looters to bank the chest caused it to repeatedly fall to the floor, attracting yet more attention to the chest.

Briar Rose makes an attempt to recall + grab. That might have worked a bit better a few months ago before they fixed overweight recall. :)

SpiritCat tries to axe the chest but unfortunately the trap does not prove fatal.

crodin manages to get the chest but finds himself stuck fast to the ground. :> Even being blessed will not allow him to take a single step..

crodin decides an axe will be the best strategy..

melkor had apparently witnessed SpiritCat's first attempt with an axe. :>

I believe Syrric provides crodin with an axe, but the chest has changed hands. crodin tries to coax the taker into dropping it on the ground..

I found it rather amusing that crodin was calling the chest holder a newbie when crodin was asking people to reveal in Trammel. :>

crodin axes the chest and gets a suprise, ouch! It unfortunately proves to be non-fatal as well. Belan must have a chat with her trapmaker about the quality of his ingredients sometime..

He heals and tries again, this time the trap works as it should. :>

SpiritCat, the previous recipient of the trap's blast radius, had been sitting quietly on the sidelines - I assume waiting to see people axe the chest. :) Crewel indeed!

Since Belan was careful to make each chest inside the other look identical, the would-be looters do not realize it is multiple chests!

crodin gives it another good whack with the axe, and the chest whacks back. :>

Ophel is a bit worried about crodin's suicidal tendancies..

Ophel manages to drag the chest south a bit and the group follows her in hopes of catching the chest. (Besides Belan, two of those in this pic are invited spectators, Sepon Xie and Aussie Hunter)

The group is having trouble negotiating. An individual cannot escape with the chest on their own, they will need cooperation to make off it.

crodin, already pretty accustomed to being killed by the chest, has an idea. Hey, at least it's something. :)

Xezn realizes this trapped and heavy chest appearing at the bank is just too good to be anything but a setup. :>

The group decides on a new method, to try dumping the chest on a packhorse. 'Tis a bit heavy for a packhorse (poor thing!), but they seem happy with their new plan which does not involve 'just dying a lot'. :>

pololuv shows up and tries to fake the group out..

The group unanimously agrees he is an idiot. :)

*sighs*, add Antonin to the list who have tried to reveal the chest holder in Trammel..

The group gets discouraged as whoever had it was hidden and had been holding onto it for a long time.. Belan tries to keep their interest up..

pololuv blows it, and the chest hits the ground again!

pololuv tries to heap on the BS again..

..maybe he's overdoing it, you think?

Xezn identifies pololuv's phylum.. :>

Aussie Hunter (one of the spectators Belan invited) notes that Matt has the chest and is hidden. Matt happens to be in the same guild as Aussie Hunter.. :>

Matt is determined enough to get the chest as to quit his guild. :>

Xezn is enjoying Belan's event even though he doesn't know it is an event yet. :>

'a mercenary', pololuv's other char, shows up to help Matt get the chest. Matt however, is hit by connection problems and drops it!

Belan grabs a nearby water barrel to play with while waiting for something to happen, and Matt takes a shot at her..

..which leads a mercenary, who feels he has beaten Belan to the loot of the pink chest, to comment as well. Wouldn't it be awful if he wound up having to eat his words? *grins*

a mercenary and Matt are quite happy about having gotten control over the chest again..

At least I assume this is them being happy *shrugs*.

Apparently, Matt has "I'm stucked" and has been passed the chest by a mercenary! Less than two minutes later the chest is far away, but the other looters do not know this..

Jane (Jean Gray) hears of the situation with the chest and hopes Belan is documenting it. Why, of course! :)

The looters still assume that Matt is hidden with the chest. Xezn is a bit concerned that they might be standing around for nothing if Matt is no longer there. :)

Guess who shows up, it is a mercenary! He seems to be wearing a rather fresh death robe as well..

I wonder what it feels like to die multiple times opening a chest so that you can find 2,200 kindling and read a book titled "Thou hath been had!" written by the looter you just called 'not such a hot shot looter'? :)

Matt was expecting ore I believe..

Matt apparently tried axing the chest, as he has lost his Glorious Lord. :)

A mercenary and Matt are still quite happy about their accomplishment; they managed to outloot the rest of the group after the chest. Congratulations!


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