Explaining thievery
Belan's stables were full and a dragon of hers just wouldn't fit.. Having nothing else to do with it, Belan decides to go see if she can use it in Felucca to fund her tinker's ingot habit.

On the way between Minoc and the moongate, Shadow and his packhorse are sighted. Potential ingots!

Hmm, not exactly what was expected, but it will do. :)

This event will take a bit of explaining to poor Shadow..


This will take more explaining than Belan originally thought!

(A short intro to reposession later)

A satisfied customer, huzzah!

Shadow seemed interested in looting, a fine occupation it is!

The gold is getting heavy, Belan must take her leave..

What a polite and receptive lootee, and full of gold too! Belan should try and loot such people more often. :)

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