Belan's frequently asked questions. What is Belan's skillset?

See her info page.

I have seen Belan imposters, how do I know which is real?

Due to the imposter problem, Belan displays guild title at all times now, BoV. Since guildnames are unique, if the Belan you see is in BoV, it is the real Belan.

Is Belan a thief?

Nay, Belan is a looter! The difference is mainly in the orientation of the victim. A thief's victim is vertical, a looter's victim is horizontal. :)

Is Belan a grief player?

Nay, Belan seeks loot and amusement, not pain. No 'gameplay is ruined'.

Is what Belan does legal?

Aye. Belan is a roleplayed looter who sticks closely to the rules. If it's on this site, it's believed by her to be legal. If Belan isn't 100% sure that something is legal, she checks with GMs or emails OSI before posting. For instance, she had a GM confirm that the episode where she looted Joshua's hold by hopping on his boat was legal before she posted it as there had been some uncertainty about looting boats that way.

What does Belan use to take screenshots?

Belan uses HyperSnap-DX. It provides much the same functionality as UOSU but without the annoying and often fatal memory leaks.

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