Be kind to dungeon pets!
Belan was poking around the Terathan Keep in Felucca when she ran into Colnel Claypool and Poet aggravating one of her pets by blocking him in with boxes and throwing EVs!

Poor thing.. Maybe Belan's pet would be more comfortable without that box behind it?

Ah yes, he's much happier now! Colnel Claypool and Poet seem to be in a bit of a rush though..

Belan helps her pet out by dispelling the EV that is still bothering it.

Belan and her pet discus the situation for a moment.. It is decided the best course of action would be to forgive the two for their misdeeds. After all, one should not hold a grudge! 'Twould not be noble!

Belan's pet tries to shake hands with the two to show there are no hard feelings, but mistakenly shakes with its sword hand instead of its empty hand, oh dear!

Such a silly mistake, how funny!

Their loot seemed rather abandoned, so Belan collected it to provide it a nice new home.

Unfortunately, there must have been other looters about that Belan did not notice! Someone has already made off with this corpse's 'information'!

Later Belan met the two adventurers a tad south of the Keep.

Apparently they had heard of her before..

Normally Belan would not bother to return bone armor, but with such a collection, maybe 50 gold would be in order for the labor involved in rescuing it?

Since bone armor is of little use to her, Belan offers it back free of charge. This one is on the house! ..however, it is rejected even at that price.

Poet was quite cordial! I assume for having her pet make friends..

'Tis truly a glorious sight to see, forgiveness for misdeeds! A shame that accident with the sword though..

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