Hi, I'm your new factionmate!
Belan was poking around with her gimp char, ThiefAwayTM, on Atlantic; flagging grey outside of the TB faction and trying to get a single player flagged while blue to the rest of the people nearby. ThiefAwayTM succeeds with getting Ben Bulwark flagged grey to him, but healers keep Ben Bulwark alive long enough for him to run into faction territory.

Since Ben Bulwark is in TB and ThiefAwayTM isn't, ThiefAwayTM can't get to him as the faction territory border prevents his entry. Ben Bulwark proceeds to shoot ThiefAwayTM with arrows and throw insults his way from his perceived safe spot, confident he is safe from any attack..

ThiefAwayTM quickly joins the TB faction and rushes in before Ben Bulwark knows what is happening! :)

His healers are taken a bit by suprise and he winds up decorating the pavement.

I hope there are no hard feelings, considering they are now factionmates!

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