Quest for UO: Dark Ages
Belan's quest to find a game with similar qualities to UO brought her today to 'Dark Ages'. Could it support the traditional UO dewd? Let's see how PKmon does..

At the start of the game, you are supposed to collect mold.. but PKmon's is looted!

PKmon furiously swipes the roleplayer with her stick. It does nothing, but it at least felt right.

PKmon tries her hand at threats..

But he just runs off.

How can PKmon house-PK without being able to ban?

Similar to UO though, you can box players. :) The nudity squad detains this player for wearing clothes..

Begging also seems to be a trait in common..

But no one will give poor PKmon money! Well, at least not 500k worth.

PKmon locates the bank and tries out UO style begging.


Locus and PKmon head out to try and extort some more money..

Trapped! Pay the toll. :>

(Dark Ages ToS mentions 'imprisoning players without their consent' as illegal)

He gets away somehow.

Now what is a UO-style PK dewd without l33t clothes? PKmon heads out to beg for some..

Unfortunately, these poeple are as beggar-resistant as those in UO. :>

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