Belan, guardian of Deceit! Note, this was one of Belan's first episodes that never got posted back when she was "Belan, Scourge of Deceit" and luring, peacekilling, and all that fun stuff was still legal. A twisted guardian of Deceit she was. :>

It was a fairly standard day in Deceit, people dropping like flies to the dungeon denizens who were anxious to play.. Mordikai packs his bags for the short trip to the ground.

Unfortunately, Mordikai is a stacker and cheats the poor lich lord out of an easy kill!

Deceit was full of stackers that day.. Belan decided the liches deserved a bit of help.

bang.shwiee mym had just died, but was going to be resurrected by one of the stackers before the corpse would go bones, oh dear!

Belan hits her peacemake key just before bang.shwiee mym OKs the resurrection, causing all the liches to intsantly target him upon his grant of new life. :>

He makes a run for it, but those liches are quite anxious to stretch their legs, having been penned in all day by stackers. :>

The defense line of stackers broken, liches pour out and into the unsuspecting campers.

A ghost bumped and spun against Belan in hopes of a res. In time, ghost!

Vlad, Belan's looting nemesis, was trying to camp Rage's corpse as well.. Vlad however, is not as prepared for this as Belan. :> A quick peacemake and detect hidden and the looter is in danger of becoming the lootee!

Belan goes to check on the liches that followed the fleeing campers..

Apparently, there had been a bit of death. :) Stackers were usually not prepared to fight Belan's pets fairly..

Rage is reintroduced to the ground while Belan is surveying the battlefield..

RingoMasa is apparently not too happy with Belan.

Rage is quite annoyed at having been killed, although the death he refers to was not one of those later assisted by Belan. :>

Belan offers Rage the keys she had looted from him back for free, but he runs off calling Belan pathetic!

Rage comes back a minute later with a changed mind..


As usual, Belan receives the 'I will kill you in Felucca' threat.

Unfortunately, Rage never showed up.. Belan was hoping for more stacker loot. :)

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