Beware shard downtime, for then reigns DowntimeMan!
While Napa Valley was down in the early morning for maintenence, Belan would often play one of her many completely newbie gimp chars to pass the time. Today's adventure involves DowntimeMan on Atlantic. :)

DowntimeMan's claim to fame was his in-town suicide attacks on dewds and thieves. Having spotted a well-known dude by the name of Orch, DowntimeMan springs to action!

Orch quickly returns and sends insults DowntimeMan's way!

DowntimeMan is a bit impatient when it comes to attacking this target but must wait for mana. :>

Huzzah, enough mana to poison!

The guards quickly cut DowntimeMan down, and Orch follows from poison shortly after.

Wow, DowntimeMan will make the top of the bounty board in no time. :)

Time for a new target! DowntimeMan hires a NPC fighter and goes looking for thieves at the bank.. He spots Derrik and hoping he's permagrey, sends the fighter after him!

Derrik was permagrey! He runs off with the NPC fighter and DowntimeMan in close persuit!

Derrik should save his breath for running!

Derrik runs a few laps around the bank trying to escape the NPC fighter. Thanks to Atlantic's horrible servers, he can't outrun it! :) DowntimeMan takes time out to chat with xzibit about the situation as Derrik continues running.

A bit of blocking is in order. ^^

Derrik arms himself with a spear and takes the fighter head-on!

..but runs off rather injured. :)

A bit more blocking..

..and DowntimeMan strikes again!

A while later, DowntimeMan spots Derrik at the bank again. A suicide poisioning and..

A direct hit!

DowntimeMan strikes again!

Not a bad amount of damage for a character that is 10 minutes old. :)

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