Autogenerated episode ironseed0, shots 1 through 1
Belan was out on her quest to rid the world of moongate thieves and had just mowed down one such thief by the name of Johnny Ironseed.

Later when Belan was at the moongate, Johnny Ironseed steals her ship key, oh no! Belan, how could you let that happen?

..of course it was a decoy key that led to a ship Belan had stuck between two other ships and placed a dragon on. ;) Here comes Johnny Ironseed now!

He's the first moongate thief Belan's seen carrying actual loot!

Belan gets another idea, suicide attack while carrying a GM tinkered poison chest and the axe to open it with. :>

She fills the chest with enough weight to make it hard to carry off, a few regs to make it look like she's putting up a fight, and a book..

The book read:

Belan locates Johnny Ironseed by the moongate and 'attacks'!

Unfortunately Johnny Ironseed dragged the loot off instead of trying to open it there..

Later, Belan checks if he's opened it yet..

He apparently did not know you could axe a chest to open it, d'oh! Maybe later, as he still had the chest banked. :)

Later that day while killing moongate thieves, guess who Belan ran into again?

Johnny Ironseed sure has nice loot for a moongate thief!

Death to moongate thieves!

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