lance, mighty warrior of Britain!
While Belan was preparing the chest for use in the 'Belan runs an event' episode, she was paid a visit by her neighbor, lance.

lance really does like to spread it on thick apparently.

Belan however, had just been by his house a few minutes ago on her mule Tableau and knows better. :)

How many people with 200 million gold do you know that sell blue mage sandals for 500 gold on their vendor? :)

Indeed, his profile leaves a bit to be desired as well..

Tired of the already long and one-sided conversation (that you the reader have thankfully been spared! :>) Belan decides to call his bluff..

With all the bragging going on, Belan feels the need to brag as well!..

lance continues spinning his tale, unphased.

lance asks if he can look around the rest of the house and Belan agrees. Belan listens as he goes up to the roof, walks to Belan's pretty green box with skeletons and nightshade around it, and hears the lovely 'hiss' sound that a GM tinkered poison trap makes as it dispatches unwanted visitors. :>

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