Stabling limits
'Twas the much dreaded day of the stabling limit patch; a maximum of 5 or less pets per shard where there had previously been no such restriction. The stablemasters glowed with an eerie yellow color previously unseen, surely the outward reflection of the evil new limit system contained within them..

Belan's 22 drakes she could not manage to sell before the limit was enstated were now homeless. The question is, what to do with 22 homeless drakes? One cannot simply release them in town as it would result in the previous owner being struck down by guards! Belan decides to tour them around Britannia, eventually ariving at Moonglow.

Belan decides the drakes will be happiest taking up new residence around the isle of Moonglow so scatters them about to seek new homes. Run free, faithful pets, 'tis your day of liberation!

Hrmm, these drakes seem a bit too liberated, they are chewing on the human inhabitants! Play nice now, these are your new neighbors!

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