Lost in UO PK Tribute!
A friend of Belan's, Qan Golddust, had the idea to do a tribute to the PKs of the old days, specifically with a Lost in UO twist. The type of PK that only knew one spell: corp por, spoke the true dood language, fought only miners, and would run at the slightest sign of trouble. :)

Qan Golddust practices the speech to give to any miner encountered.

A bit of discussion about doodly ethics and manners in order to play the character correctly..

Pelle Svanslos joins up as another PK.

Qan Golddust is the leader as he brought the blue robe. ;)

The ferrocious band of PKs heads out to Felucca where they meet their first challenge, a deadly mongbat!

After a great battle, it is dispatched, I mean, r0xx0red.

The PKs find treasure!

The PKs arrive at the University of Virtue and find a group standing about. Maybe they know where some miners could be found..

The PKs are pointed in the direction of a hill nearby that might be harboring miners!

Incase the miners are strong and have pointy pickaxes, the escape plan is to run.

Unfortunately, no miners were to be found. The group heads back to Britain for leads.

Success, they find a miner!

This miner is weird, too weird. The PKs decide to leave this one well alone.

Out at Brit graveyard, they continue their search.

He seems a bit concerned about meeting them out of town in Felucca. I wonder why? They look friendly to me..

On the way to the mines, one of the people questioned about miners decides to join the group spontaneously! A new costume is quickly created.

The new group member informs us that tamers also have lots of stuff. Stuff kinda like ingots, but for tamers. The group decides to see if they can find a tamer.

They are hot on the trail of a tamer!

One cannot look organized for long in Felucca without twinks showing up to try and ruin whatever organized event you are having. :> This group of PKs attracted several.

One of the twinks flags grey to entice a fight, forgetting that there's four mages primed to corp por in unison. :) He is quickly looted by the group, their first treasure! (Besides that gold coin. They left that behind anyway as they couldn't figure out how to split it three ways).

The twink that flagged and died had been insisting he was a miner..

The group happens on someone who just might be a tamer.

Just as the group prepared to reinact classic UO history, a new twink shows up to try and ruin the perceived organized event. Twinks can't stand to see organized events. :)

Like the other twink, Squee flags grey to try and start a fight, forgetting that all four PKs are primed to manadump.

Yet more loot, and the PKs haven't even started yet!

The PKs return to check on the tamer..

While preparing to enact a classical moment all over the tamer, another person shows up.

A good question, why do PKs always go after ingots?

Belan, unsure of the answer, checks with her leader..

I'm afraid the rest of the screenshots have been lost with time, so I shall explain the rest of the story. :) The group continued on towards Britain crossroads, as they had heard of it being a popular PK place back in the days. On the way, they came across a potential victim! The group was confused as to if he was a miner or not but eventually attacked.. in the guard zone. All but one of the group of PKs died. The victim died and gave them a count, but had absolutely nothing on his corpse! He came back before the group could and wound up looting them instead of the other way around! A failed attempt worthy of the true miner-PKs of old. :)

The group continued on after recovering their doodly outfits and ran into a player by the name of Duck. Duck was the player that Belan had sold a bit over a million gold worth of pets to just minutes after having heard the announcement of the proposed stabling limit changes.. which he obviously hadn't heard as he bought at least 20 pets. :) Duck attacked from within his house. Belan had tamed two grizzly bears (having no other weapons due to being guardwhacked and looted by the group's 'victim') and named them "PKbear" for offensive power. She sent them after Duck as he was low on health after having been hit by an ebolt by the group member that still had regs. He retreated into his house and the bears followed! He tried to say "I ban thee" but it was too late, the bears had PKed him! He was _full_ of regs as he was apparently doing alchemy at the time, but the group wound up losing them later when he came back and killed the member that was carrying them.

And who said history is boring? The classical moments of UO were quite fun to reinact. :>

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