ThiefAwayTM meets his new neighbor
Belan's gimp char on Atlantic, ThiefAwayTM, had just bought a house and was in the process of moving in. His nextdoor neighbor, joe, was outside his door battling a snake. ThiefAwayTM will help! the snake that is. :)

joe had apparently been decorating as he had lots of bone containers and stuff. He also was carrying his house key! ThiefAwayTM goes to investigate..

It opened the house alright, but there was nothing unlocked inside. Maybe later..

ThiefAwayTM returns to greet his newly ressed neighbor.

Apparently ThiefAwayTM's new neighbor is a patron!

ThiefAwayTM cannot simply take handouts, he is a ruthless thief killer and must train as such!

joe volunteers to provide more assistance!

His corpse's loot has already provided for ThiefAwayTM's house decor. :)

What a fine neighbor! ThiefAwayTM should try and kill more like joe..

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