ThiefAwayTM meets new neighbors!
Apparently ThiefAwayTM's old neighbor, joe, moved out. The new resident ThiefAwayTM spots there, Odin, must be properly introduced to the neighborhood!

A new house key. 'Tis good as ThiefAwayTM's old one looted from joe no longer worked.

Sabor joins the party.

After resurrecting, Sabor comes to pay ThiefAwayTM a visit!

Unfortunately, a rather mean skeleton has come to visit as well.

Poor Sabor!

They call in a guildmate to come kill ThiefAwayTM. A mage in plate? :)

Odin and Fawkes make a housecall.

Both seem a tad unprepared..

Fawkes had a whole bunch of loot, including his house key to their guildhouse, but Odin was a bit more sparse..

Fawkes resurrects and heads back to chat.

The two try and make peace (well, say nice things to get their items and housekeys back).

It doesn't last long though. ;)

What happened here was quite funny.. The two attacked again but Odin for some reason double-clicked Fawkes instead of ThiefAwayTM, going into war mode on him! ThiefAwayTM, remembering they were both banned, ran into his house, and Fawkes and Odin get bumped to the front door, causing Odin to swipe at Fawkes, nearly killing him!

Finishing them at that point was fairly simple, as Odin had already nearly killed Fawkes. ;)

ThiefAwayTM explores the guildhouse while waiting for them to return..

Yet another guildmate is called in to help kill ThiefAwayTM! (And to let them in the guildhouse, as they had no keys now :))

Unfortunately, Death lets in that skeleton that was on the prowl on his way in, and it kills a few of his newly ressed guildmates.

ThiefAwayTM welcomes Death to the neighborhood, also taking his guildhouse key.

Fawkes makes one last attempt..

Now having all four of their house keys, ThiefAwayTM locks their house. :> Wouldn't want undesirables getting in you know. What a nice neighbor ThiefAwayTM is!

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