If the loot won't come to Belan, bring Belan to the loot..
Belan was banking some recently acquired goods in Nujelm when a gate popped up nearby. Interested, Belan hopped in to find herself inside angelkiss's house! She quickly hid, hoping angelkiss would think she left..

Another gate is cast and the intended gatee appears, DarkBlade.

angelkiss logs out and returns as Christine. Apparently, they were preparing a trade for a rune..

In my experience, the secure trade window is quite useful for trades, but some people seem to swear by the 'drop stuff on the floor' method. It looks lonely abandoned on the floor, Belan will give it a nice new home. Let's see what's in it..

Did you see that last rune, "Danger of Fall.."? Sounds like an IDOC to me!

Some confusion ensues between Christine and DarkBlade as to the book's location. :)

Christine realizes what has happened and detects Belan.

DarkBlade doesn't seem to understand what happened yet. :> 'Tis nice to be greeted though! Quite hospitable..

Belan must check that rune first, could be an IDOC!

Christine assures Belan the house has already fallen, but Belan must check firsthand..

As if the tower at the location being 'like new' wasn't enough of a hint, 'ExtraHelp', the fierce nomadic shepherd and house placer who logged in a bit late to the party was clue enough the IDOC fun had concluded..

Back to the issue at hand, Belan still has a runebook to reunite with its previous owner!

The deal is made and all are happy..

On the way out, Belan runs into Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper's ostard goes untame, almost as if on queue. :)

A grey ostard, watch out! Belan saves Dr Pepper and Christine from its wrath. Grief? Nay, they were saved from a dangerous wild animal!

'Tis lucky Dr Pepper understands how lethal these criminal pets can be..

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