Belan was on IDOC patrol when she ran into quite a find on the plains north of Wind!

Quickly, Belan bought a large marble patio deed and started camping.. Like always, evil forces tried to entice Belan away by sending the spawn of hell after Chels McTavish right in front of the house..

..But Belan was not to be swayed by newbie loot, it was a house she was after!

Belan became a bit concerned, it seemed people had already started looting the house! Someone had made off with all the chess pieces!

Luckily, the house fell in about 2 hours and Belan plopped down a replacement.

Interestingly, Belan placed so fast it seems, that the flowerpot (pictured top right) didn't have time to fall to the floor, it wound up being locked down in Belan's new house. One checkerboard also was locked down.. Where'd the others go? Belan found two chests sticking up through the floor of her house so pulled them up and secured them.

A nice assortment of rares was to be had! Of particular interest, check out the orange leather in the left chest! That ship deed in there seemed to be rare too, created before naming or something like that..

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a problem. All that other junk is still locked down under the house somewhere! Belan pages a counselor..

A few hours later..

The counselor pages a GM, and a few hours later..

D'oh! The GM didn't even show up, just messaged a 'I see no problem' response and was gone.. Considering the house has only 2 secure chests yet reports 436 lockdowns, I'd say that's a problem, wouldn't you?

Belan pages another counselor.. Gee, only number 237, her lucky day!

A few hours later..

The chests have vanished!

GM Aegis pops up and explains he has looted Belan's house. (He even looted the trash barrel! Pofhug will not be pleased)

Belan asks for the items back, but GM Aegis pretends to have misplaced her loot. Belan knows the GM is winding up for the old 'lost loot' scam!


GM Aegis: What was in your chests- i think i got them mixed up
GM Aegis: where they the empty ones?

Belan knows there's only one reason he'd ask this question..

..And this is it!

Yep, it's the old 'lost loot' scam. Kinda like when a blacksmith repairs your blessed silver vanq hally and tells you 'Woops! It broke, sorry!' and runs quickly into the night.. Aegis must have not been able to resist that orange leather Belan had!

Aegis asks Belan to remove the house so the lockdown problem can be fixed.. At least some good will come of being looted..

This house had quite a mess under it! But why is Aegis in such a hurry to get to that bag?

Oh no, he's looting Belan's house AGAIN!

Ah, but this time Belan was ready and manages to out-loot the GM.

Aegis whips out a large marble deed from nowhere and starts trying to place on Belan's spot! Belan is helpless to lure monsters to kill him as he's invulnerable, but she's an experienced house placer and beats him to it.

Belan might have placed too fast again!

Belan had a screenshot of the house's original loot and confronts Aegis the looter with it. Faced with the evidence, Aegis agrees to return the stolen goods.

While returning the items, Aegis crashes and the chessboard in his hands falls to the floor. Guess GM's get screwed by the UO client too. :>

The loot is safe! Well, almost.. Missing are Janna's hangover remedy, deep-pink pink champagne, two champagne flutes, a rare ship model, orange leather, a whip, two sets of colored armor, and a trash barrel. In the loot's place is 20k.

Belan tries to get the orange leather but Aegis the looter was apparently making a personal collection.

It's nice to meet a fellow looter, even when at the wrong end of the loot, so Belan and Aegis talk about looting while watching newbies run by the house and die to air elementals. Aegis lets Belan in on one of the fun twink activities GM's enjoy, resetting the colors on rares!

Ah, but Aegis the looter plays another trick on Belan, the loot he gave her is all 255 stone! What a silly looter he is! Belan and Aegis have a good laugh about it and Aegis agrees to fix the items.

To fix the chests, Aegis chops on the tree outside and carpenters up new ones.

Belan is weary to open them incase Aegis the looter has trapped them in hopes of getting the loot on Belan as well!

All in order and Aegis happy with his new loot of orange leather, he departs with a message more interesting than the standard 'Fare thee well'.

Belan consults the magic 8 ball god for advice.

A crafty looter GM Aegis was, but not as crafty as Belan! One day he will meet Belan in Deceit, and his robe shall be hers!

Disclaimer: I was suprised how many people didn't realize this story was embelished. :) If you couldn't figure it out, GM Aegis deleted all my new loot on accident but was helpful enough to spend the time to recreate it, at least some of it.. *sighs* He's not some rogue house looter out for our pink champagne. ;)