Belan had just finished stabling a pet and was headed to the graveyard for more bone containers (what looter doesn't love bone containers?) when she ran across a stranger by the name of Azran Bedlam. He was soliciting for his guild, so Belan figured she'd turn him away by asking to be able to kill and loot all the members, but he accepts!

This is a transcription of the journal, as it's hard to read with the blue text:

Azran Bedlam: like to join a guild
Belan: What guild?
Azran Bedlam: TGB
Belan: If I join, can I kill and loot all the members?
Azran Bedlam: hehe
Azran Bedlam: sure
Belan: I'd love to then!
Azran Bedlam: hehe
Azran Bedlam: u want to then
Belan: If I can kill and loot y'all, sure.
Azran Bedlam: well theres about 20 in guild
Azran bedlam: all high skills
Azran Bedlam: they might kill u and loot you
Azran Bedlam: lol
Belan: Ah, I see.
Belan: I would still like to try my hand at it though. :>

Astonishing, isn't it? :)

Belan heads to the guild tower and Azran Bedlam logs in his char that is the guildmaster, ExodusofTrystram. Exodus seems to be a little.. slow.. but seeing as he just admitted a notorious looter into his guild for the sole declared purpose of looting, that goes without saying.


Belan: ?
ExodusofTrystram: ur a canidate
(guild error message)
Belan: Aye, use the guildmaster menu to accept the canidate.
ExodusofTrystram: click on stone declare urself faulty
(guild error message)
Belan: I can't, still the 'you are not a member of this guild!' message.
Belan: You have to accept the canidate before they can click on the stone.
ExodusofTrystram: it say ur a canadate

Well, a week or so went by and Belan hadn't seen any of them around west brit bank. Belan was a bit dissapointed, but then finally someone shows up! Belan quicly hides behind some guy and recalls out.

Belan picks up the pet she has specially designated for this 'event'..

..and introduces herself to Sydney.

Sydney returns with new life in her body.

Belan offers Sydney the usual deal to buy her loot back, but Sydney refuses. After demanding Belan give her loot back, she switches into the "I'm filthy rich, so I don't care" routine which is amazingly common for Belan's victims! First of all this is seldom true, and second of all, it's the last thing you want to tell a looter. ;) Belan considers asking her to prove it so she would dump oodles of rares into a trade window and Belan could just 'all kill' again, but decides that wouldn't be Belan's style..

Sydney wants to contact the guildmaster, no doubt to remove Belan. We can't have that now can we? The fun has just started, and we want enough time to do some more looting before being removed.

It's time for a full assault on the guild tower! Not knowing who will be there, Belan picks up an extra pet.

Sydney is already at the guild tower, no doubt warning those Belan is on a rampage! Belan gated in and 'all kill'ed the first guy, Belgrath, so fast though, the "np" he was saying to Sydney didn't even have time to clear the screen. :> Sydney took off running shortly after this pic but that drake's fast.. ;)


P Shady was inside witnessing the massacre. For some reason, instead of hiding or running like hell he came downstairs, opened the door, stuck his head out, and just stopped there.. Why? I don't know either, I never got a chance to find out. ;) His horse was named Lucky, hehehe. Notice that death came so quickly that 'all attack' and the final 'all follow me' are in the same pic..

Belan heads back to her house to dump the loot and decides to go back to see if there's anyone she missed..

'Tis the guildmaster, ExodusofTrystram. The funny thing is, know why he's mad at me? In his own words, "u killed and lootewd".. Wasn't that why I joined? :)

No wonder everyone says it's fun to be in a guild!