The tale of the helpful lootees.
On a quick tour of Deceit, Belan noticed there was quite a bit of death around. Most of the corpses looked like they had already been looted by their owners. Surely there is a full body out there somewhere, but where?

Belan manages to find the ghost of DOC Heathen Scum and his friend KinWani. Maybe the ghost would be kind enough to show Belan which corpse has all the loot on it?

'oO' means no.

Ghosts are suprisingly honest when it comes to if they still have loot available or not; the corpse infront of Belan which had already decayed probably contained the majority of his loot. Belan opens a gate to brit for it to go get resurrected. Looks like Belan will not be getting his loot today..

Ah, but what's this, the magic phrase!

Belan could certainly help KinWani, she has a few hundred stones of weight to spare.

KinWani hands Belan a bag, 'Tis DOC Heathen Scum's missing loot! KinWani had apparently been holding it for him until he could find some way to become living again. How nice of her to just hand it over!

Time to check on the corpses topside.. So many had died in such a short timespan. Mr. PE must have been making his rounds..

A fine assortment of loot was to be had!

Belan returns to KinWani after looting just in time to see DOC Heathen Scum arrive alive once more.

DOC Heathen Scum seems worried about his regs. Fear not, they have found a nice new home with Belan!

KinWani suddenly realizes that Belan has helped them lighten their load.. permanently. :)

Belan is being so helpful today!

DOC Heathen Scum agrees to help Belan if she becomes overloaded. How kind of him! I am glad he does not hold a grudge.

I do not understand why KinWani feels her trust has been violated, Belan agreed to help her lighen her load and that she did.

They are not interested in purchasing their loot or a gate home, so Belan bids then farewell.

KinWani remains in good spirits; DOC Heathen Scum's reaction is confusing though.

Later at the bank, DOC Heathen Scum finds Belan and tells her he will remember her. Belan must have made quite a good impression!

Lootees which organize their loot, hand it over with a smile, and offer to help in the future. What more could a looter ask for? 'Tis a wonderful day!

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