Belan had just entered t2a when she saw Valentin providing Claudette with a rune in a very insecure manner..

Such a fine rune, and just laying neglected in the dirt it was!

Maybe he would like to buy it? 'Tis a fine rune, afterall..

Seems Valentin isn't too thrilled with the incredible deal he has been offered for the rune.

Well, no use trying to sell the rune here, it'll make a fine doorstop for Belan's house anyway. :)

Valentin isn't happy with Belan being around, and he's not happy with her leaving! I'm so confused..

Valentin's girl, Claudette, steps in and reccomends paging a GM.. in her own special way..

Claudette: report her
Claudette: bitch

Well, no sense in sticking around.. Belan heads to the bank and finds Hobbes trying to get an untame horse out from underneath the stairs.

Belan tries to tame the horse for him, but 'tis a useless horse..

Just then, Valentin and Claudette walk by.

Valentin: calling GM
Valentin: that's an exploit
Claudette: good
Valentin: under the bank

Apparently Belan is an evil exploiter for using the teleport spell. :)

Valentin: and belan stole my rune
Valentin: that was dropped
Belan: Heh, aye, you should use something more secure than the floor sir!

Valentin and Claudette continue annoying Belan and spewing forth insults and threats.. Grr. Time for action. :>

Claudette: plz keep your honor and return the rune
Belan: Keep my honor, after this guy has insulted me so?
Belan: I shall mark over his rune right now!

Belan: Good day to thee. Maybe when you have manners, you will fair better.

'Twould be fun to wait for the GM, but Belan was busy that day. :)

Belan: I would wait with you, as it would be funny to see a counselor tell you..
Belan: Thou hath lost thy rune!
Belan: :)
Belan: But I have work to attend to here.

Valentin however, has other ideas.

Valentin suggests Belan can't help but do what she does. Right on the nose, Belan explains it is true! :)

The award for the strangest retort from a lootee goes to Valentin for this one. ;)

Valentin doesn't seem to understand what has happened still. Belan will clarify..

Valentin annoyingly follows Belan around for a while until Belan gets bored of waiting for the GM and explains she must leave. Maybe Valentin would do Belan a favor? :>