Someone comes up to Belan at the bank asking for help. His friends have died in Hyloth and he needs someone to get them out.

Belan arrives in the Hyloth Balron room to find SilverMagus and Jean Grey quite dead and decayed.

Luckily their horse was distracting the Balron, and Belan does a quick loot of them both as payment. The ghosts are ressed and gated back to town.

Belan checks their loot.. not too great, but they had a nice silver weapon and a leather tunic of fortification. Belan offers SilverMagus the standard lootee deal for their loot back (1/2 the expected selling price) and he purchases the silver weapon and Jean Grey's armor (excluding the fortification leather piece). As soon as the loot is in his hands, he has some choice words for Belan. :)

Later that day, Belan runs into Celeron in brit graveyard. Belan is telling someone about the loot and Celeron recognizes the girl in Belan's story as the person she was hunting with, Jean Grey! Belan enjoys hearing Jean Grey's version of the story from Celeron. :>

During the conversation, Celeron's horse goes untame and Belan's pet can't resist!