Autogenerated episode idoctower1, shots 1 through 7
Belan was camped waiting for an IDOC tower to fall on the northern coast of Yew along with a few of her friends.

Belan's group was worried someone else would notice the tower, and along came this girl who sounded like she had seen the IDOC! Oh no!

But she was actually talking to herself about how the orc's corpse looked. :) Phew! Belan's group had trouble containing their laughter in party chat.. (I'd have to say it was one of the funniest moments I've experienced in UO. I guess it's a "You had to have been there" type of thing. ;))

Unfortunately, a less experienced house camper by the name of SlIm ShAdY shows up and brings his group with him. Here he and his group are trying to reveal in Trammel..

SlIm ShAdY finally hides, but isn't very good at keeping attention away from the house. Here he's released a prisoner NPC which walks right to where he's hidden..

Luckily, even inexperienced campers can't screw this one up for Belan. :>

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