Role reversal
Truth is stranger than fiction at times. Take this for example. :)

Belan was on her way to the provisoners when Alexcia, an apparent fan of hers, hailed her..

Alexcia removed her deathrobe to reveal.. eep!

Luckily, Belan was in Trammel at the time, or this might now be Alexcia's site o' loot!

Belan gates and dispels to a stuck spot and Alexcia follows, trapping the dangerous imposter!

Belan and Alexcia talked for a bit and Alexcia was doing a wonderful impersonation, so Belan switched outfits to a lootee to continue the dialog at her house and see how good of an imposter Alexcia really is. :) Unexpectedly, Soul showed up and things got more interesting. :> Let's see if he can tell the difference..

Belan plays the part of a lootee..

Blasted looter, they were not hers to begin with!

Looted regs obviously deserve GM attention!

Oh dear, now Soul's an impersonator as well. What a confused bunch this is..

He suspects something is up..

I love Alexcia's response. :>

A bit of convincing is in order..

Belan plays the part of a lootee to a tee; complaining her regs were all she had in the world.. despite what she is wearing. :> Reminds me a bit of this guy on a nightmare declaring he is new and has nothing!

Oh dear, she has looted Soul as well?

Blasted looters, they only loot because they can't play the game right!

After Soul left, Alexcia once again tried to kill Belan and take her place! Oh dear! Belan ran and hid from Alexcia in the box on her roof.. The trapped box. :>

Shortly after, primavera and James Bond III show up. Alexcia sees if she can get someone else to open the box. :> James Bond III does, but the box was unfortunately not at the strength of Belan's current box and he survived..

An excellent impersonation if I do say so; A+ job! If Belan is ever out of town and needs a stand-in, I'm sure Alexcia could fit the bill; that is, if she doesn't kill Belan and replace her first.. *worries*

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