About Belan

Name: Belan
Interests: Loot
Alignment: Opportunistic neutral
Guild: BoV (displayed at all times)
Home shard: Napa Valley

General Info:

Belan's goal in life is to acquire loot. She tries to be be as noble and humane as possible in her acquisitions. It is not her intent to cause undue grief or harm, only to persue loot! She rarely is the cause of death for a lootee as she prefers to simply be around when death happens naturally and to pick up the pieces left behind. By this I mean that it is the ground that provides for Belan. When corpses turn to bones, the items no longer have an affinity for anyone but the ground itself. Belan simply picks these items up off the floor. Being a noble looter, Belan's actions follow a code of conduct. She will gladly resurrect the lootee, offer them parts of their loot back at 1/2 the expected selling price (see the loot sellback policy section), and gate them to saftey.

Belan is an extremely honest looter. If she agrees to gate you to a destination, you can be sure you will arrive there. You also have no fear of being scammed by Belan. Additionally, Belan is very up-front about her intentions. Beware this however, as if you ask her what she plans to do and she answers, "I plan to kill and loot you.", you should take this seriously as it truly is her intent! Belan also makes it a point to only loot intended victims. If she causes a casualty to someone she did not intend death for, she will save the player and their items.


Belan is a bard/tamer. Her template consists of taming, lore, musicianship, provocation, peacemaking, magery, and veterinary / meditation.

Favorite haunts:

Belan can commonly be found at west brit bank Trammel or anywhere loot is to be had. Some say that death itself summons Belan when there is loot to be had, others believe she is able to actually smell loot!

Loot sellback policy:

Belan always makes a best-effort of offering a lootee their items back at 1/2 the expected selling price. This means that if Belan thinks she can sell something she looted from you for 10k, she will offer it to you and only you, the lootee, for 5k. There are exceptions to this of course. She will not return gold, regs, or boats by rule. She also reserves the right to claim anything she particularily likes such as silver vanq weaponry, high-end rares, and diamonds. Certain valueless personal effects such as keys and runes might be offered to a lootee at 1/2 the perceived value to the lootee.

PGP key:

If you need to verify that an email/post from Belan really was from Belan, here is her public PGP key.

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