Jeff, the unsatisfied customer.
Belan was touring Shame looking for death when a recently deceased player by the name of jeff ran up asking for help.

Belan is always helpful!

jeff runs off towards his corpse (how kind of him to show Belan the way!) and gets killed along the way.

Belan finds jeff's corpse with a large pile of gold next to it. She figures he met his death due to overloading and jettesoning the gold was a last-ditch attempt to escape.

Not much in this corpse except for a lot of regs..

But what's this?

Belan heads off to claim the ship.

A quick drydock and she is back to resurrect jeff.

jeff is anxious to be reunited with his loot!

Unfortunately for him, the only items of value he had are the items that Belan traditionally keeps.

Belan leaves the other loot on the ground for jeff, and even offers him back his house key!

jeff is underwhelmed by Belan's offer.

Seeing how far his regs got him the last time with respect to death, he's probably better off without them.

Belan suggests jeff buy more regs, but jeff insists he is flat broke.

A quick looting lesson for you readers: people with house keys, boats, hundreds of regs, and are camping a spawn for gold are never really broke.

jeff is quick on the excuses. :)

Belan must refuse jeff's request for regs, but offers him a gate, to which she is met with insults! After all she has done for him too..

jeff has still not dealt with his loss.

jeff looks like he has finally coped with things so Belan walks off.

..but no sooner does she start to leave, jeff is back!

Belan decides to do something quite un-Belan, offer him his boat back at half price, but jeff insists he is unable to pay.

Oh well, not much left to do but gate the lootee to saftey, 'tis the noble looter way!

jeff wants no part of Belan's offer, so Belan leaves. Once again, jeff follows her and announces:

Before Belan can find out his reasons, he is mauled by an earth elemental and flees.

Belan returns to Britian but as luck would have it, jeff is there!

jeff's first try at retriving his items is to threaten Belan with a visit from a GM. An empty threat, as Belan knows she has done nothing wrong. :)

Sensing the GM threat will not work, jeff tries again, this time warning Belan that he has somehow deduced her real name and address which should be threatening enough to secure the return of his items!

Being refused again, jeff complains about his ordeal.

Picked on jeff? Nay, Belan has extracted jeff's loot in the most kind and humane manner possible!

jeff tires of Belan's way of speaking.

Such an angry one he is!

So angry towards someone who has simply taken the items he left on the ground, I do not understand.

Hopefully this means jeff will finally leave Belan alone. :)

Gygus Remnara has been listening to the converstation and noticed Belan's looting site and poem in her profile. Gygus has some words of wisdom for jeff. :)

Gygus Remnara understands, do not risk what you are unwilling to lose!

Some time passes and Belan heads off to talk with Grad Gragaine and others when jeff once again finds Belan.

Stealing? nay!

Despite all Belan has done for jeff, she gets nothing but grief!

'Tis surely the quote of the year! jeff is confident his $10 a month is also an insurance policy! :)

jeff angrily storms off to the brit guard tower to wait for the GM to arrive. Belan hops on her thief char and stealths up with him to be sure of capturing an amusing converstation in screenshots. After about 2 hours of just standing there waiting for a GM, jeff canot contain himself any longer! He shouts to the heavens about his ordeal, despite no one being within ear range.. Odd.

jeff gives up and heads off to the bank to try and find some sympathy and a handout or two.

Lashan Aumersair, having heard Belan mentioned, already knows what this tale is going to be about. :)

jeff seems to not be getting the support he expected..

Such hostility jeff showed towards Belan despite her noble and humane style of looting! Belan should surely switch to simply announcing "I r0xxed j00 n00b" and leaving folks for dead. :)

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