Christmas special: Jesus died for thee! If you haven't seen the Death by rats! episode, you should probably see it first. :)

Belan was talking to Garfunkle about the upcoming changes to nobles (as Garfunkle was a sworn noble killer) when a beggar came by asking for money.

Jesus: belan can i get 1k

Garfunkle thinks he should be helped. :)

Money does not come freely from Belan..

Belan decides to try out her new Death by rats rune.


Garfunkle is curious. Beware, curiosity kills!

'Tis a simple task..

Jesus obviously hasn't seen this rune!

Jesus enters and Garfunkle follows after him. By laying down his life first, Jesus has bought Garfunkle time as the rats do not retarget immediately after a kill!

Drakus II is rather hostile..

His rant is made humorous by Jesus returning at the perfect time. :)

The humor is not lost on him.

Garfunkle arrives dead as well.

Jesus had died instantly. :)

Garfunkle however, survived much longer!

If it was not for Garfunkle having troubles entering the gate, Jesus's sacrifice would have spared him!

A deeply religious moment. I am touched.

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