Belan was out taming on ice island when she ran into Joshua barding off the coast. He was quite happily sailing around with the plank unlocked despite items in his hold, not a wise decision!

It didn't take Belan long to notice. :>

The loot taken was a docked large dragon ship..

Later that morning, Belan runs into someone at the bank who seems quite excited to see her. When she asks why, she learns something interesting!

Someone is paying for Belan's death!

I wonder who it could be.. Belan checks the name related to the ICQ number..

'Tis Joshua, who just lost a boat to Belan that morning!

A prize on one's head is hard to resist.. If only Belan had someone to kill her and split the loot.. She does! :) Belan contacts fellow looter Firebat in order to guild him to her guild so he can tell Joshua he is available to do the killing. Since he will be guilded and guild names are unique, he can point to as proof of his membership.

After some discussion on how to extort the most money from the deal, Firebat sends Joshua an ICQ:

Well Well i see belan has made another enemy. I happen to be guilded with her, and would be willing to kill her for a price. This means that the guild master would probably eject me dishonorably though.

Unfortunately, this is Joshua's response:

Sorry, too many people tried to scam me.

Denied, a tragedy! And this was only a few hours after the tradespot posting! :) Oh well, the ship is a fine one at least.

Interestingly, this is not the first time cash has been offered for Belan's head! After losing a silver vanq mace to Belan, "B Newbie" once spammed at the bank that he was paying 100k for anyone that could bring him her head. Before Belan could get someone to kill her and split the loot, two totally independant players had created newbie "Belan"s, killed them, and were trying to get B Newbie to buy the heads! One of them even showed Belan Belan's head. :> The results were the same, B Newbie retracted his offer in the face of rampant scamming. :>