Keg confusion!
Belan's house mule, Tableau, was hanging around the bank making stuff when he noticed a potion keg sitting on the ground behind TAZ BEDLAM. Tengu must have tried to trade it with TAZ BEDLAM and missed. They seem to have not noticed Tableau picking it up.. :>

Tableau has no taste id, maybe they will tell him what is in the keg?

They are having a difficult time dealing with their loss..

TAZ BEDLAM checks for it again..

Tengu seems to think the keg might have jumped to another of TAZ BEDLAM's characters somehow..

Seeing as Tableau happens to have a GP keg, maybe they would be interested in purchasing it?

Tengu agrees!

TAZ BEDLAM isn't very happy about the prospect of purchasing another keg..

Tengu doesn't seem to have the money.. I bet he does. :)

Maybe TAZ BEDLAM could chip in?

Tengu identifies TAZ BEDLAM's distress..

Oh dear, Tableau is suspected!

How rude, Tableau is a perfectly honest GP keg dealer! Err..

Tableau is offered 4k again for the keg..

Tengu still insists he only has 4k.. Tableau still doubts that.

Confused about Tableau's pricing policy, Tableau explains.

The ruse ends!

I Beat People offers 5k for the keg!

TAZ BEDLAM seems a bit disturbed at the thought of I Beat People making off with the keg..

Despite not having 5k, Tengu somehow produces it in light of I Beat People's offer and buys the keg. :>

Of course, no loot is complete without a GM call. I certainly hope the GM doesn't notice their journal logs.. ;)

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