Belan once again found her self in Paupa, and once again ran into a newbie sandal thief who was making it all too obvious the Jewler had black sandals! Unfortunately, Belan didn't get a pic of the thief's name so he shall remain nameless.

Hmm, some money would keep Belan quiet me thinks..

The thief refuses to pay Belan.. Not a good idea considering the position Belan is in. :> It's probably a good idea to pay Belan when she asks..

A familiar excuse.. No one that knows enough to be hunting black sandals has no money.

The Jewler walks out of town and Belan tosses a spell at it to get looting rights. The sandal thief panics, thinking Belan is going to kill the Jewler, and kills it for her. Belan gets to loot the sandals without taking a murder count! The sandal thief vanishes when the Jewler dies, did he just go red? :)

Thanks again!