Belan was wandering around Destard trying to find a dragon to tame that wasn't being butchered by an EV slinging mage when she notices some death.. She heads over to the corpse of Alcheholic and waits.

Talon was there also, and seemed a bit disturbed by Belan just standing there.. Could he not guess her intent? A friendly dragon comes over to Talon as he is speaking and nuzzles him a bit..

How nice of him to oblige, and what timing too!

'Tis "ghosts get in free" day in Destard apparently, there are no less than 4 running about! Shylo Sanvant tries to rally the ghosts outside where they can be healed..

Belan examines her surroundings and finds yet another corpse, that of Drakora Anderson. 3 corpses on the same screen, what a glorious day!

Alcheholic manages to get to his stuff in time but Drakora Anderson goes bones. A ring full of house keys and 196 stones of regs, the most regs Belan has ever found on a single corpse!

Belan returns to wait for Talon to decay when Drakora Anderson returns..

Just then, Talon goes bones!

Hmm, not bad..

Belan returns to the issue at hand, offering Drakora Anderson her loot back.

'Tis a bit late to ask Belan not to loot Talon..

Alcheholic chimes in saying Belan is practicing extortion. Nay, this is extortion! :)

Drakora Anderson returns to talk of what the GM will do to Belan..

Ah, apparently Drakora Anderson is more than just a pile of bones with items, she is also someone with connections! Or so she likes to believe at least..

Ah, 'matt'. Belan's imaginary friend was named Sir Mooshenfeld but matt is still an acceptible name I guess.

Belan is amused and decides to stick around to see how Drakora Anderson will deal with matt not ariving..

A thief? Of course not!

Hrmm, she told Belan that? *checks previous screenshots*. Maybe she spoke it in a language only she and matt can hear?

Drakora Anderson continues to insist Belan has no honor..

Horray, a buyer! Alcheholic purchases the keys in question..

Alcheholic almost winds up like Talon. :) Dragons seem to seek and destroy those who talk in Destard.. Unfortunately, he escaped just in time.

Belan heads outside to find the newly ressed Talon and offers him the standard deal.

Why do people tell looters that they have yet more loot? In case it is true, Belan will give priority to the warhammers in Talon's corpse when she sees it in the future. :)

After selling Talon's equipment for 30k at the bank, Belan returns to Destard to check on 'matt'.

I guess only Drakora Anderson can see her imaginary friend. 'Tis a shame, as I have heard that imaginary friends carry a lot of loot!