Well, I got one of them fancy pickaxes so I decided to go diggin'. Now this was supposed to be a perfectly innoncent trip mining even though I was on my looter, Belan.. Anyway, so I'm doing the miner thing and out pops a gold elemental!

Now, I figured it'd attack my dragon and get smashed, but it had heard of Belan from the poison elemental and of all the nice things she has done to protect the monsters in Deceit.. So it decides to help Belan out by going after this person a full screen away Belan hadn't even noticed in the cave!

Belan of course has no problem with this. ;)

Belan thanks the ore elemental for its help and it goes to have a nap in the corner. It leaves some loot for Belan as a present.

Belan is having too much fun enjoying having used the mining skill to kill someone to care about guarding the corpse from the ghost coming back. The ghost does res and come back but Belan knows the timer is almost up on the corpse and it will make for an interesting situation..

So close, yet so far.. The corpse goes bones just as she reaches it and Belan speed-loots. :)

Her loot fits well..

I missed the screenshot of her saying "ur wearing my stuff"; I told you I suck at this screenshot thing...

A nearby miner's attention is drawn by the long list of explitives flying from Magie's mouth.

Her loot seemed to be quite newbie, so I returned all but what I needed at the moment after strolling around the mine in it a bit. In the long run it does not pay to rob those of little loot as they will not grow as quickly into those with big loot. :)

Quite an adventure with a gargoyle's pickaxe.. Who would have thought mining was actually good for something useful! Too bad ore elementals don't spawn more loot than players do. Maybe OSI will see fit to help out the theif and looter classes next by adding 'a pickaxe of overloaded player summoning' to the game? *dig dig dig* *POOF!* "Hello ma'am, I seem to be carrying too much gold and riches to move, mightest thou help me to the bank? I am too weak to defend myself against the mongbats along the trail and I worry for I know not where the healer is incase of death.."