Belan was bored and decided to see how many ice fiends it would take to kill a wyrm. While she was in the ice fiend room, who would show up but PrincessAshley and her friend DeathWalker! PrincessAshley was Belan's long-standing nemesis from back in the days when luring was legal and Belan ruled Deceit with her mighty pet, the poison elemental. PrincessAshley would often res Belan's recent kills before Belan had time to loot, kill Belan's pet, and always was just fast enough or lucky enough to escape the poison elemental's lethal hug.

Belan pulls her pet off the ice fiends (politeness of course, Belan would not want to hog the whole spawn!). Apparently, 1 was too much for this group of adventurers.

What a tragedy! Belan's nemesis finally lies dead and decaying, miles from a healer, but Belan cannot loot as the patch to prevent looting bones just went in! Might as well res the both of them, no sense letting loot decay.

The princess remembers Belan. :)

While looting their corpses, DeathWalker attracts an ice fiend by accident and causes more casualties!

Hoho, what's this? 'Tis Belan's lucky day, that's what it is! :) That bag was PrincessAshley's, DeathWalker had just picked it up from her corpse to save it apparently.

Loot from Belan's nemesis, at last! 1936 gold, 110 or so of each reg, some magic stuff and potions..

Their group is still having a bit of trouble..

PrincessAshley returns for her loot..

DeathWalker is a lot less cordial, but is kept in check by the Princess.

Ah, memories..

PrincessAshley understands the difficult life of a looter now.

DeathWalker does not. :) He also seems to have trouble identifying Belan as female..

DeathWalker is still a bundle of unhappyness.

Seems like looting to me!

DeathWalker wins the 'poorly thought-out insult of the year' award by saying he is so mad at Belan that he will not allow her to res him next time. :> Truly a loss for Belan, eh?

Belan has a comment for DeathWalker and again PrincessAshley advises DeathWalker to hush.. The princess knows Belan could have simply left them to rot and they would not have recovered their items in time. :> 'Twas nice of Belan to res!

Belan wishes them luck as they depart, and finds another tragedy has occurred!

Killing all those blasted ice fiends while chatting has turned Belan into a Lady! Nooo!

'Tis good to have a nemesis with class like PrincessAshley though!