Death by lich!
Unfortunately, Belan's "Death by rats!" rune is often camped these days by those hunting for statues from the ratmen mages.. New death runes must be found. :> Belan marked an experimental rune in Covetous, but hadn't gotten a chance to test it.. yet.

While stopping by Moonglow, Belan noticed a horse flag criminal inside! She rushed in and saved Nick nearby from the potentially dangerous horse. Nick did not understand this act of bravery!

Obviously Nick would not be seeing the value in such a noble rescue anytime soon, so Belan waved goodbye and left.. Nick however ran after her.. I'm a bit confused about his comment though, he seems to want Belan to leave and stay at the same time. :)

Nick is a man of many words.

Bishop nearby was rather amused by the converstation..

Bishop understands the danger of criminal horses! They can rob you blind in an instant, and I've heard some are even PKs!

Nick sounds like he'll be following Belan around bugging her all day.. Maybe now would be a good time to test out that rune? :)

Nick is still confused as to Belan's noble act.

Nick severely underestimates these horses! I've heard even thief guildmasters clutch their loot closely when such a horse is about..

Belan decides to take her leave.. To "Death by lich!". :) Despite casting nightsight before waving goodbye (or the fact that she gated instead of recalled - these should be clues ;)) Nick followed. Having fully expected Nick to arrive, Belan had removed means of escape. Sure enough, Nick appeared with no gate to leave by.

Death by lich is a success, huzzah!

Belan was too busy to wait around to loot that day, and had switched to Janette, her faction char. Who is that naked guy at the bank? Could it be?

Indeed it is!

From listening in on Nick's tale of earlier events, he seems to have been low on luck today.. as well as on smarts.

I would have to agree with Clyde, 'twas hardly a diabolical scam. ;)

Maybe Belan should have asked him for all his money before gating him to death by lich, saving the trouble of having to camp the corpse?

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