Killer of Killers
Belan was at the bank when she noticed Night Goddess recruiting for a guild.

Before joining, Belan must know if it is a guild she would be compatible with..

Indeed it is!

Xadius, Belan's future guildmate, foreshadows. :)

It is arranged for the initiation to take place the next day.

The next day finds Belan quite excited about her new guild!

Night Goddess changed her text color to an annoying blue so I shall caption her text.

The guild is lacking new members, so Night Goddess heads off to find a few more.

Night Goddess: i couldnt get ahold of the other two guyss

Night Goddess: so im a gonna do a bit more recruiting

Belan doesn't need many more guildmates, it will be hard enough to loot them all as is!

Some new members are found, but Night Goddess tells Belan she must wait until they are at the guildhouse to kill them. At least she was indeeed serious about her guild allowing killing and looting!

Theron, Night Goddess's 'hubby' and the GM shows up.

Belan worries that she has only been given permission to kill and loot the guild by Night Goddess who might not be part of the guild leadership. Only guild leadership can choose who their guild should fight, so Belan must check if Night Goddess's words carried authority.

..and it's off to Belan's new guild.

Theron commences the initiation by having the members take an oath.

Belan takes the oath and is guilded to TSV and given a guildtitle.

Belan is primed and ready to kill killers!

The guild (Theron, Night Goddess, Fender - new, Xadius - new) head outside of the guildhouse for some instruction about PKs.

Just then, a red brigand camp spawns right next to the tower! PKs! It is the guild's first fight!

After an unusually lenghty battle with near casualties, the foes are vanquished.

Theron is a bit worried about the guild's performance.

Belan is quite proud of her guild having killed the brigands!

Hmm, killed you say? Didn't Belan swear to kill killers?

A mixed response from the guild. :)

The facts are clear. Belan is sworn to kill killers and her guildmates have become killers! A few seconds later after a quick 'claim'..

Most of the guild is too stunned to react, only Theron has the sense to run!

So close. If Theron had wrestling, he might have made that recall. :)

Belan returns to finish off Xadius and Fender.

A nice array of loot is to be had!

Xadius still doesn't know what's going on..

And Fender's unsatisfied for some reason!

Xadius should have paid more attention during the initiation.

Belan looted Night Goddess but left the two new recruits mostly alone, save Fender who she took a token sword from for the insults he was spamming on the party chat. :) Theron had died by the neighbor's house, so Belan headed over to see what he had..

A nice assortment of loot, including a reg bag with around 200 of each reg!

Belan was overloaded from all the looting, so stashed the reg bag behind their neighbor's house for later retrieval.

Ghosts are always so impatient!

They bide their time by chatting with Belan's pets.

A successful run of killing and looting! Belan should attain a high rank in the guild with such great performance. Belan resurrects her guildmates.

Xadius is still rather confused.

Fender is quite rude about having his sword taken, 'tis why it was taken in the first place. :)

Oh no, Fender has found a contradiction!

Problem solved.

Xadius (no big suprise here) is sitll confused. He can't find his corpse.. which happens to be right infront of him. The dragon must have hit him harder than I thought!

Belan explains to Theron why she must quit..

..but he is rather uninterested. Belan wishes him luck and goes to claim the stashed reg bag.

On the way to Theron's corpse, Belan runs into his neighbor, ElkHorn. ElkHorn is curious as to why his neighbor lies dead on his front lawn.

ElkHorn had looted what Belan left behind in order to return to Theron. A fine neighbor indeed!

..the problem is, he also looted the reg bag Belan had hidden behind the house!

Belan simply asks for the reg bag. :) ElkHorn apparently does not realize Belan was behind the massacre.

Huzzah! 'Twould have been awful to have lost out on that loot. :)

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