Belan, the noble looter!
Belan was hanging around Brit bank when Absolute Zero decided to mouth off about Belan's looting..

Absolute Zero: Ass looting bitch
Absolute Zero: Never looted me!

Maybe Belan can rectify that? :>

Maybe Belan's pet would enjoy his company?

Stone X pretends to have just missed the opportunity for entering the gate..

Stone X: damnit
Stone X: missed the gate

Maybe he would like another chance?

Despite the gate being announced as to certain death, someone by the name of Dess feels the need to hop it!

'Tis not Belan's way to kill and loot unintended victims. It is a rule of the noble looter! The death was intended for Stone X or Absolute Zero..

Belan's pet had already introduced itself to Dess by the time Belan arrived.

Since Dess was an unintended victim, Belan waits to res the ghost and return its items as is her way.

Belan still has to wonder what Dess could have possibly been thinking when she walked in that gate. :)

Oh my, this is a very unusual loot! Notice the scattered hay?

Belan loots and returns the ghost to her house where it is safe to ressurrect. Dess is a bit worried about the future of her extremely valuable scattered hay. :>

A fan of looting she is!

It is times like these that test Belan's noble looter ways! Virtue in looting is to be upheld though..

Dess is indeed suprised to see her scattered hay returned!

Belan gates Dess back to Brit. Dess has learned from her ordeal to be weary of gates! A lesson well learned.. 'Tis surprising that a fan of looting and Galad would not have learned this lesson already! :)

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