Belan arrived at the Coalition of Might's Tuesday meeting to find Decimus warning of an orcish warlord hired to wreak havoc upon the Coalition. It was determined that this orc could be found in one of the orc forts in Felucca. Knowing that a quest almost always entails a large spawn with lots of death, it sounds like an event Belan should attend!

The coalition was a bit disturbed by the news that they would be traveling to Felucca..

Some members of the Coalition were worried about traveling to Felucca, given citizens of Grimoire were in attendance, but were reassured, if you can call it that, by Decimus that everyone would be attacked. :> Things are looking up for Belan!

Belan was the first on the scene at the cove orc fort in Felucca and found the orcish lord rallying troops.. Unfortunately he rallied them right on top of Belan who became quite stuck! Having been away from UO for a month, Belan had forgotten her total refresh key was unbound. :>

This orc was quite determined to get Belan's loot!

Luckily Belan's peacemaking and mare were no match for the orc's troops.. Belan left her horse as a decoy while dealing with the orcish lord.

(Thanks to the localization patch, Belan's mare is now named 'all' :))

The orcish lord's forces seemed quite weak. Belan asked what he would do knowing that the Coalition was on their way..

The orcish lord announces the trick is sprung as a huge spawn of orcs and ettins appears!

Snake is being chased by a large group of orcs and ettins, he calls out for Belan to help!

Belan helps the poor orcs and ettins at Snake's request. They were having quite a hard time catching people, 'twas noble of Snake to offer himself to them!

Unfortunately, not much was to be had on Snake..

No matter, the ground is littered with corpses; Belan's work has just begun!

Roy Gato seems to have lost himself. No matter, his items have already been preserved by Belan!

Some Coalition of Might members were carrying quite a load. fostiter's corpse turns up a nice suprise.

Another loot and Belan is nearly overloaded, it is time for a bank run!

fostiter is hanging around the bank and looks to be in need of a body, Belan will help..

Maybe he would like some of his loot that Belan rescued from the orcs? A small handling fee is requested of course.

He is not interested in his armor, but maybe he would like that fine axe? Belan asks if it is his..

fostiter is quite determined to not buy his axe, despite it being so underpriced!

fostiter is apparently well stocked with expensive magical weaponry. Belan will watch for his corpse in the future incase it is true!

On returning, Belan finds the orcs introducing yet more of the Coalition to the ground.

One ghost by the name of Martin Longbow was particularly interested in Belan, but she was too busy at the time collecting items off the ground to lend a hand.

Alvien seemed a bit worried that Martin Longbow's items have fallen into orcish hands. Fear not, Belan has rescued them!

Before being able to finish the conversation, what seems to be another looter by the name of LightBow passes by. Quite criminal he is, and in deathrobes! Figuring he is light on cures, Belan tints him green..

Almost dead, LightBow passes a wisp which he provokes on Belan! A nice move, but Belan is also a bard and can peacemake.. Still, bard PvP is always worth noting. :)

LightBow had collected quite a sum from the deceased..

While on yet another bank run, Belan's communication crystal she had hidden to listen in on events picked up Martin Longbow and Alvien discussing Belan!

I believe this was some form of insult, but I have yet to decode its meaning..

I wonder what Belan's actions tell about her character? Perhaps that she is a noble looter!

The quest over (at least it is believed so - no one really knew what happened as is the norm for a quest ;)), Belan heads back to the Coalition of Might headquarters in Trammel to see if her rescued items can be reunited with their owners.

Apparently Martin Longbow has 'tons more' just like fostiter! I wonder where they get so much loot from? There must be some fountain o' loot that Belan does not know of!

Apparently, Martin Longbow would have all roleplayers be bunny petters..

Raine breaks the mold..

Martin Longbow gives Belan a compliment for a job well done. Huzzah!

Fatima al-Faqadi concurs..

Alvien also seems rather disturbed about looting, maybe he forgot where he went? :)

Ah, Martin Longbow is simply roleplaying too!

Alvien must be roleplaying too..

Having had no one claim their armor, Belan discards the chaff on the ground. Raine identifies his gloves among the loot..

They are reunited with their owner!

Alvien is against Belan keeping loot, and is against her returning it. I am so confused. Maybe he is simply roleplaying someone who is confusing?

Belan couldn't have said that better herself. :)

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