Old school newbie runners
Belan was out exploring ice island when she noticed miner droppings scattered around a cave on the east side of the island. She investigates..

Jerry Springer was quite hard at work mining ore along side his two packies, but he seemed to be having a hard time placing the ore in the care of his companions, instead opting to use the floor as his container. Maybe he intends for Belan to help herself? She does, helping herself to over 100 ore.

Ah, he apparently knows Belan's guild! ..he has just forgotten how to spell it for some reason..

Accused of 'messing with homies', a serious crime indeed!

'Tis certainly more effort than picking up after existing ones..

Apparently Jerry Springer is also of Belan's profession!

Maybe he can teach poor Belan?

Apparently he has joined to teach looting, yay! However, I do not remember seeing him before.. Last I recall, only Belan's characters were in her guild.. I must have missed him.

No wonder why he was not highlighted green, it is his other character who is in Belan's guild! He must be Belan's mule, treasure hunter, mage, or warrior. Funny, I always thought Belan played those characters..

His identity is to remain a secret it seems..

Maybe he can help Belan? After all, she's pretty bad at looting, she could really use a bit of training..

Jerry Springer would like his ore back..

Return loot? Nay! He might not be in Belan's guild, 'twould be awful for poor Belan to be scammed..

Jerry Springer finally reveals his secret guild name.. Skull.

Well, he was right about not believing him. :)

'Tis an understatement considering only Belan and her characters are in BoV. ;)

Hopefully, he will enlighten us with his expertise in looting!

Oh dear, Belan has apparently messed with the wrong person! Jerry Springer was not just some impoverished miner with bad aim, he is an old school newbie runner!

For being a run newbie, Belan sure has a lot of ore..

For it being 'nothing', he sure was interested in getting it back. ;)

Maybe an old school newbie runner like Jerry Springer could give a few tips on how to improve looting him next time?

Making off with all the ore he mined seemed the best possible loot in this situation.. I see little room for improvement.

Ah, apparently Jerry Springer's looting knowhow is only privy to BoV's upper crust (erm, that would be Belan ;))

Unable to extract any new looting techniques from the old school newbie runner, Belan must depart. His ore is heavy afterall. :>

'Tis a shame BoV does not have such old school newbie runners to teach them looting. I am sure Jerry Springer could teach Belan much of looting people like Jerry Springer. :>

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