Strength in numbers.
One of Belan's favorite activities is to hire groups of NPCs and invade dungeons. While fun, Belan's usually small groups of 8 or 9 NPCs just arn't very good at getting the job done as a lich or two and they wind up decorating the ground. Belan decided to try a larger group... a MUCH larger group. :>

A group this big would be wasted on Deceit - Belan calls in her friend Qan Golddust to help figure out where to take them.

The decision is made, it's off to the ancient wyrm!

The NPCs stream away from their gatepoint like ants to attack the ancient wyrm..

The ancient wyrm is quickly surrounded! Belan can't help but note the 1 versus 50 fight reminds her of something..

The group lasted for quite some time, taking the ancient wyrm down to 50% health by melee alone! Poor Lorraine is the last to go.. She fights valiantly to the bitter end.

Arriving back at her house, Belan notices some NPCs chickened out and stayed behind!

Cowards shall not be tolerated in this army.

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