Belan was busy moving loot when she recalled to the bank to see the town crier actually doing something for a change.

Pirating, sounds right up Belan's alley! The event was to form pirate groups, 4 to 8 on a team, pick a captain, and sail the seas trying to kill off the other pirates and capture a treasure ship. What really cought Belan's eye was "the victors may loot the vanquished".

A gate was opened to the event at Stormhaven and she hopped in. Quite busy in there! Belan can't resist flame striking a recently untamed horse.

Apparently, some of the would-be participants know Belan.. Joshua speaks out. Could this be the same Joshua as seen here? :)

Daemon Knight also knows Belan. :>

No horses are allowed for this event, so Belan releases hers. Hecate takes the oppurtunity to try killing Belan's horse, but it seems to be more interested in killing her! It attacks after the first hit and interrupts all her spells..

The onlookers agree..

'Tis time to form a team! Some know Belan already and volunteer to be her crew. :>

Belan's completed team consisted of:

Maximus Aralius
Sinful the Great

Teams are formed and Belan's team is in purple.. Everyone's a bit worried about the yellow team, seeing as they have so many members..

The red team forshadows. :>

A gate is opened for Belan's team to go to their starting position. For some reason, Link, a yellow team member, hops in their gate! Not a wise thing to do, considering everyone's ready to kill. :>

I think it is safe to say he died quickly.

After looting Link and some team planning of boat-to-boat PvP tactics, Belan's team heads out to sea to find their first victim ship, the green team. Belan's team has chosen 'fire and poison field drive-by' as the tactic of choice. :>

The much dreaded yellow team has already been killed, I assume by the red team.

Belan's team does a few more drive-bys on the green team until they have all been burned to a crisp. Their boat is boarded, driven out to a safe area, and looted!

Belan loots lots of armor, weapons, regs, and a big key ring from one of them. She searches their captain for the boat key, but it is nowhere to be found.. She makes do with what she can find.

It's time to leave what's left of the green team and find more people to kill and loot. :>

While looting the green team, the other boats seem to have run off from the position they should be at. Unsure of what's happening, Belan's team gates back to Stormhaven to see what's going on and meets Link, the yellow team member that died right at the start.

Link is quite unhappy about being looted; to the amusement of all. :>

Belan's team heads back out to sea and does a few more drive-bys. The red team makes for good victims.

Belan catches some of the treasure ship defenders with a fire field as they try to res their fallen.

Belan spins the boat around to finish off the red team. Note the wandering healer on their boat.. How'd they do that? No matter, it seemed to be refusing to resurrect people. :>

A few more passes, and SHIMMORA, their captain, lies dead.

Malacia hops onto the red boat to loot the fallen and claim their boat, but Joshua of the red team manages to hop onto Belan's. A server boundry and lag had just claimed the majority of Belan's team, knocking them to land.. Joshua kills the teammates that were still left on the boat with a kryss. Belan has no time to gate her teammates back on board, so peacemakes Joshua for enough time to invis..

Belan uses the wonderful "I'm stuck" option to escape while invis. :> She rallies and resupplies her team at west brit bank.

While preparing to bring her team back to the boat to kill Joshua, Belan hears that her team has been announced the winners! She gathers the team and heads to Stormhaven where she meets a member of the ill-fated green team.

It was Qvex's keyring Belan looted! :)

Qvex refuses to pay for his keys, but Hecate is willing!

She does anyway. :>

Malacia tries to quiet Qvex.

'Tis time to receive loot! Well, more of it at least. :> Belan's team was already pretty full from looting the green and red team..

Guess who shows up? It's Joshua!

Transcript because of the spam making it hard to read:

Joshua: I'm sorry I didn't get a chance
Joshua: to kill Belan
Joshua: That was my whole point in this
Joshua: and she chickened out
Joshua: and hid

Not only did Joshua not know the neat trick Belan had used to escape, he also didn't know the event had ended! :)

Joshua: I've been on your boat
Joshua: for 30+ minutes

Despite our winning, Hecate still doesn't like Belan's looting. Since she is commonly found adventuring with PrincessAshley, Belan did not expect otherwise. :>

Lots of loot was to be had!

The only thing left was to get that healer off red's boat and add the boat to Belan's collection. :>

Mounds of weapons and armor, hundreds of regs, a few boats, and magic items.. And that was just from those Belan looted! :> Not a bad haul for a bard in a PvP event..