Slow learners.
Belan was busy admiring the corpse of Three Eleven when another opportunity by the name of Rampage ran by.

He seemed to really need to be hidden, but Belan only knows how to invis people; to hide someone is more complex I believe.

Hrmm, invincibility is probably a spell above level 8, I assume he means invisibility. Belan will help poor Rampage and cast it!

Oh dear, Belan missed and wound up invising herself!

'Tis a bit too late to try again.. The liches have already had their way with Rampage.

No to worry, Belan to the rescue!

The ghost persisted in trying to get a res from Belan. It is not protocol, ghost! Wait thy turn!

Not much to do now but wait for Rampage to decay..

In the meantime, Belan checked with the liches to see if they had looted anything from Rampage and discovered one had found quite a sizable reg bag!

In addition, Three Eleven's corpse finally decayed. The only item left on his corpse was a key (I suspect he made it to his corpse in time before Belan arrived).. But what's this? This is no ordinary key, it is a ship key!

A ship with loot no less!

Belan finished banking the regs and the ship and returned to Deceit to check on the progress of Rampage's decay.

Belan returned to find Rampage had made it back to his corpse in time to recover the majority of his items. Only a few things were left.

Rampage seemed to be in a bit of trouble with the residents of Deceit yet again though..

He died before Belan could ask what kind of help he required, 'tis a shame..

Belan must make the best of things, so once more she announces her intentions to loot!

Rapage finds a res pretty quickly however, and is back before Belan can even get comfortable in her corpse-camping position.

He seems to not understand looting!

Ah, Rampage was confused, it was not the liches Belan was announcing her intention to loot, it was Rampage himself! Belan tries to explain why she waits to res..

A shield and a weapon you say? Sounds like he still has more loot to be had!

The liches overheard that loot was to be had. ;)

Rampage still seems to expect to be saved by Belan, maybe Belan should reiterate.

The liches quicky lay rest to Rampage and immediately head for the items they heard him talking about!

The liches award Belan Rampage's items as a present. :)

Rampage gets resurrected quickly and returns.. He still does not seem to understand what it is that a looter does!

Before Belan can explain that 'a war mace and shield' is hardly 'nothing' in the eyes of a looter (the liches apparently agree!), the Deceit denizens decide to check if he's still holding out. Belan's 'pet' comes to help as well.

Rampage still expects Belan to help him. Belan tries to explain yet again why she waits for death..

..but the conversation is cut short.

Maybe this time Belan will complete the loot!

Using the volume of wailing as a metric, Rampage's ghost seems quite perturbed by its ordeal.

Belan had looted almost everything from Rampage's past corpes, 'tis but one item left to complete the loot!

Rampage vanished, leaving Belan the loot at last!

'Tis suprising that after one death one would not understand the duties of a looter, but to continue to ask for and expect aid in slaughtering the poor creatures of the dungeon time and time again and be angered after each when no help was given, one would expect to notice the pattern! :)

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