Death by rats!
Belan was exploring the fort in ice dungeon. She had heard of the new critters, ratmen archers, that spawn there since the spawn changes.

Even for a GM tamer, this place was pretty dangerous! The spawn was thick, and the archers do an unbelievable amount of damage! Belan almost lost a dragon and a wyrm to ratmen..

This of course gave Belan an idea. :) Archers have the unique quality that as soon as they target you, they fire. If one was to mark a rune such that a group of these archers would be around the gatepoint, it would be instant death, as each does 20-30 damage per hit and would fire immediately with no delay upon someone arriving through the gate.

All that's left is to test the rune..

None of Belan's common hires were online at the time so she tries to recruit someone at the bank. Gandalf, I mean, 'SUPER NOOB' seems a good canidate..


And a bargain at that!

Off he goes!

(About 30 seconds later at ice dungeon..)

They all hit him at the same time as Belan had hoped, he only heard the one arrow before he fell. :)

Huzzah, the rune is a success!

During the server war period, Belan was showing Omen some of the secret places of UO she has marked. Maybe it is time to visit the ratmen?

Let's find out. :)

I guess so!

Omen is quite impressed. :)

Belan and Omen decide to try again seeing as the server isn't saving anyway. Omen goes first.

Omen faired better this time, he managed to take one step east. Belan died before the screen refreshed. :)

How embarassing!

Later after the server had come back up, Belan was showing her friend Dryx'el another secret spot on UO, the bottom of the ocean. It is possible to fish on the floor! Belan decides to see if another type of fishing will work as well and hits her fishing rune. Belan catches two fish: Synthai and mirribelle!

Entering random gates can be dangerous!

Synthai apparently does this often..

Belan's sense of humor is quite twisted. She just advised them against entering random gates as they are dangerous, yet presents them with an option to do so again. :)

mirribelle wants to return to brit, but Synthai is much more adventuresome.
Synthai: RANDOM

Dryx'el is impressed with Synthai's adventurous nature. Hopping gates is a fun way to see the world I admit, but one must be prepared for death while doing so!

Speaking of death..

Dryx'el can't resist seeing what could possibly be so bad on the other side..

Instantly killed by the same ratman as Omen was. :) Defetav must surely be red by now..

Later, Belan met Synthai at the bank..

Impressive she made it that far to even see her body! 'Tis a very dangerous place, that.. She was in good spirits (A true adventurer!) and was rewarded with a star room gate as she desired.

Later, Belan was showing another friend, James Bond III, one of her interesting spots in UO. Someone by the name of KNIFEINFACE hopped her gate though!

KNIFEINFACE was quite impressed. :)

Seeing as he likes to hop random gates, maybe he too would like to be sent to the ratmen?
It is hard to see, but Belan is saying "Want to go to another of my random runes?"

A fair warning of course, that place can be dangerous!

KNIFEINFACE's response? "im ready with vanq".

KNIFEINFACE wonders what's there..

He finds it hard to believe Belan would caution him as to the danger of a gate that is simply to ratmen!

Off he goes!

7 minutes later..

A fine assortment of loot was to be had, including a ship key! Unfortunately, he had no vanq as he had mentioned..

Later, belan met KNIFEINFACE at the bank..

He too was impressed at the lethality. :)

Belan has loot to sell!

He is not interested until he hears the deal Belan offers to lootees.

It seems he has not met a noble looter before!

Hot Dog chimes in. :)

Excluding the items Belan kept (boat, gold, and tmaps), the rest is sold for 30k.

A polite looter and a polite lootee!

Belan's new "Death by rats" rune is a success! A location that is even more lethal than the shadow wyrm lair, hyloth balron room, or ancient wyrm room, and it's populated by.. ratmen! Death by rats indeed! Beware this rune, less Defetav use you as an archery butte!

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