Belan is hanging out at west brit bank, sorting recent loot as usual, when she sees Percival (left) and Sturm (right) doing the drop-the-rune-to-recall routine..

A loser?

Wait, now Belan's a newbie too. :)

That ain't no timber wolf!

Strurm goes off on a fairly mild tyrade..

Belan returns to sorting loot, and a while later, Sturm comes up and asks her if she would sell him a nightmare, and also asks for the rune back.

Some random passer-by remembers and comments. :)

Herger shows up, apparently pretty peeved.. Remember Herger from the IDOC episode?

The missing rune seems to be a large problem for these guys, so Belan tries again at a higher price to sell it.

Herger goes and pouts at the same corner of the bank Percival did. :>

Belan sure has a lot of runes for a newbie!