Beware the shadow guards..
It was a fairly average power hour.. Belan's treasure hunter Rosten was training remove trap by the healers as Britannians scoffed at his deathprone nature on their way past.

Today would be a bit different though. :> Gloric and Saruman seemed to think Rosten was the victim of a cold hearted reskiller..

..or maybe even an exploiter!

Of course, we all know the real reason for Rosten's frequent deaths are the vicious shadow guards introduced by uo3d!

(Rosten was training with dart traps)

Gloric is concerned the shadow guards might get Rosten if he hangs around town.. They are known for their love of reskilling! Why, I believe I've seen a few of them trying to join factions..

Omnibon arrives and tries to figure out what is killing poor Rosten. Why, the shadow guards of course!

Omnibon is concerned about the thief way of life in Trammel.. I'm afraid the shadow guards have all but ended it..

I suppose only those on the 3D client can see them, as Omnibon seems quite oblivious to their existence..

He is quite startled by Rosten suddenly being struck down by one!

Azerradi notices the shadow guards handiwork, Rosten's numerous corpses, and inquires as to what is the matter..

Rosten explains to Azerradi..

Maybe Omnibon can help Rosten?


Lucky for Rosten such helpful people are around, or he would be at the mercy of uo3d and the shadow guards..

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